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Search Engine Commando: The premiere SEO software for search engine submission, rank-checking and domain monitoring.
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NEW Version 3.1

Search Engine Commando has earned the official designation, 'Designed for Microsoft Windows XP'.
Since 2000, Search Engine Commando has been a favorite of SEO's worldwide as the premiere submission and ranking software, now with Domain Name Monitoring and Trickle Submission technology. Don't Fight

for your traffic.

Win the War

for proven results.

Make Search Engine Commando™

your automated, secret weapon to promote your web pages...
around the clock... around the world... all-year 'round.

Search Engine Commando has won numerous 5-star ratings, awards and recommendations from industry experts. Submission and ranking software with a proven track record of success.

Build Traffic with the NEW Search Engine Commando, the ultimate web promotion software suite.

The EASIEST and FASTEST way to drive traffic to your web site WITHOUT expensive advertising.
The perfect tool for measuring the progress of your internet marketing campaign.
Automatically submits your pages, reports your rankings and protects and manages your domain names.
Works with 442 search engines worldwide.

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* $99 Competitive upgrade price is available, for a limited time, to licensed users of TopDog™, WebPosition™ or Search Engine Commando™ version 2. Proof of ownership is required.
This cutting-edge software gives YOU the advantage in winning the search engine positioning wars, sending increased traffic and visitors to your web site without expensive advertising.

TOP TEN Reasons Why Search Engine Commando is more powerful:
  • It reports your positions and submits your pages (others only submit your pages)
  • It offers exclusive features like the Domain Name Monitor, integrated Scheduler, robust import/export, pause and resume and more
  • It incorporates exclusive Trickle Submission technology
  • It supports ALL of the top search engines around the world
  • It works for any number of web sites and URL's
  • It is customizable for colleagues and clients
  • It is completely untraceable
  • It includes automatic updates
  • It never rests, and
  • It gets your sites listed FAST!
You're only one click away from submitting your pages and knowing where they rank in 442 of the world's top search engines. Search Engine Commando's proven, award-winning technology is the secret weapon you need to increase traffic to your website.

This is the world's most comprehensive software application for search engine submission, positioning and internet marketing, and it's only available here. Search Engine Commando is a complete solution that arms you with the exact tools you need to automatically...
  1. Submit your website to all of the top search engines, worldwide.
  2. Produce detailed positioning reports (for more search engines than any other software), saving you hundreds of hours every month by automtically generating informative reports showing each and every one of your web pages and their positions in all the top search engines, worldwide, and where you rank against your competition! You can also fully customize the reports with your own company name and logo -- perfect for presentation to colleagues and clients.
  3. Protect your domain names. Forgetting to pay annual domain registration fees can cause you to lose your domain names. Search Engine Commando's Domain Name Monitor protects your domain names and web site(s) by regularly monitoring the whois registration records for expiration or unauthorized changes. If a domain registration changes (such as from someone transferring ownership or hacking the records to disrupt service to your web site) or nears its expiration date, Search Engine Commando will automatically alert you by email so that you can take pre-emptive action to protect your assets. Some web-based services charge $99/year per domain name for this feature alone! Works with all the top TLD and ccTLD domains, worldwide, including .com, .net., .org, .biz, .gov., .name, .info, .at, .au, .de, .es, .fr, .in, .uk and more!
  4. Always know the latest search engine rules and guidelines, as they happen, without studying. You'll avoid falling into traps that leave your competitors struggling.
Search Engines Send Hundreds of Millions of Visitors To Websites Each Month!

Good positions in only a few top search engines can explode your website's full potential and push your profits through the roof! But the tremendous time and effort it takes to understand the ever-changing search engines leaves most companies unable to take advantage of the internet's #1 source of customers. If you would like to avoid the time and expense of micro-managing search engine positioning, Search Engine Commando can help.

Let's face it, no matter how good you are at getting your pages positioned in the engines, one of the hardest parts of the job is locating your pages and finding out just where they rank for keywords important to your products and services.

And submitting pages to search engines is even more work. All that typing and re-entering of the same information over and over, not to mention the fact that it usually takes several submissions over a period of weeks before you see results. Who has time to keep up with all that?

Problem Solved...

Now you can relax because Search Engine Commando makes it easy to SUBMIT your pages and KNOW precisely where they are ranked, too. You just tell Search Engine Commando what pages to look for, which engines you want to check and what keywords to use, then a single click of the mouse puts it to work scouring 442 of the net's top search engines. Search Engine Commando goes out and finds your pages and then compiles attractive, full-color reports that tell you where each page ranks! Then it submits and periodically resubmits your pages until they get listed, automatically, with no danger of oversubmitting.

Search Engine Commando's proven stealth technology is untraceable. It operates exactly like a person would work using a regular web browser. It can even submit your pages to directories like Yahoo!

Search Engine Commando's exclusive Domain Name Monitor protects your domain names, day and night. You'll never lose a domain name again because someone forgot to pay the registration fee, or because someone tried to steal it. If anything in your domain registrations change, Search Engine Commando will alert you auotmatically by email. If there's a domain name you want, let Search Engine Commando watch it for you. You'll be notified the moment it becomes available.

Some online services charge $100/year for this feature alone, per domain name, but its included FREE in Search Engine Commando! The Domain Name Monitor works with all the top TLD and ccTLD domains, worldwide, including .com, .net., .org, .biz, .gov., .name, .info, .at, .au, .de, .es, .fr, .in, .uk and more!

If you are managing a single website all of this is a godsend. If you manage multiple websites for yourself or other clients, it's a MIRACLE!

But hey, don't just take our word for it. See for yourself. Click here to download a free trial of the complete product, the best submission softtware (plus rank checking and whois domain name monitoring) available, to try on your own website. What are you waiting for? It's completely FREE -- you've got nothing to lose!

Search Engine Commando Makes Top Search Engine Positioning A Snap

Our software was developed by today's search engine experts. No matter what your Internet experience, with Search Engine Commando your company will see positive results, guaranteed.

And Search Engine Commando is as powerful as it is easy to use.

The newest features (available exclusively through Search Engine Commando) instantly place you at the cutting-edge of eMarketing. So go ahead: raise your business to the next level with a click of your mouse.

Even If You Have No Experience...

Search Engine Commando will help you achieve success. It's like having your very own search engine expert by your side to help you through each important step. And the best part is, whether or not you are new to the Internet, you'll be able to start promoting your website like a search engine pro immediately!

Download the FREE Trial NowThe world's best submission software plus rank checking and whois domain name monitoring, all in one!

'We Admit It.' With Search Engine Commando There Are Some Things You Don't Get...

There are no monthly fees. No restrictions on domain names. No tedious administration, long learning curve, or difficult implementation. And we promise there are no costly banner ads or impossible-to-track web advertising.

Does It Really Work? YES!
In Fact, Customers Say We're Better than the 'Other Guys'

"If you're into SEO, get Search Engine Commando. I did and it's helping me bring in tons more traffic."
- Ed Spraybach

"I've tried all the other submission programs, but Search Engine Commando's slick ranking and reporting tools sealed the deal for me. Thanks for making me and my clients happy!"
- Philip Jacobson

"I can't see why every webmaster wouldn't want this program. It really does bring in more traffic."
- Charlie Young

Examine Search Engine Commando For Yourself, FREE

Want to see exactly what Search Engine Commando can do for your site? Click here to download a trial version of our software...free! Give it a try!

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Other submittal services and software are far more costly and don't even come close to Search Engine Commando's features, effectiveness, and ease-of-use. In fact, several online services charge more for only a few months membership - and limit the number of keywords and URL's you can use!

Not Search Engine Commando. We're here to help your business grow by every means possible.

Search Engine Commando may be the best, most cost-effective investment you'll ever make in your website. Search Engine Commando is priced at only $179 and it's ready to go to work for you immediately.

If top search engine positioning is important for your company, you can have it now. Get on top of the search engine pile, and start tapping into the Internet's #1 source of business...with Search Engine Commando!

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